Text 26 Jun 8 notes


So maybe my tastes are plebian, but I almost universally hate jazz. And someone is currently inflicting some very elevator-y sax on me from somewhere nearby.

My definition of aural misery.

As a saxophone player, I feel the need to respond. But wait! It’s not what you think!

I’m a saxophone player. I must love jazz, right?

Wrong. I don’t like it. I’ve never been great at it. I also dislike the “structure” of jazz. Play the theme and then just play random stuff for a while that doesn’t even resemble the melody except for chord changes going on in the background.

And Kenny G makes me want to gag. My students know to get me on a rant all they have to do is say his name. Or play out of the side of their mouth like he does. Ugh. And then they all want to play soprano. Just no.

Quote 22 Feb 20 notes
Sometimes when I play my saxophone my stomach feels like I’ve been doing sit-ups.
— 6th grade sax player who gets it right without even trying.

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