Text 6 Mar 2 notes Love and Hate

Things I love about snow days:  Sleeping in.  FInally getting to cook that recipe that only takes 4 hours in the crock pot.  Painting by numbers (yeah, I still do that).  Catching up on Hulu and Netflix.

Things I hate about snow days:  When all my teacher friends decide to wake me up with the “No School!” text.  The panic that sets in when I realize I’m supposed to have a concert tomorrow and district assessment in two weeks (which is during the SOL window).

I think the positives outweigh the negatives.  And if not, I can push my feelings away with girl scout cookies.

Text 20 Jun Checked Out

I completed my end of year checkout.  I’m done.  Everything has been packed away, and my room looks completely empty (and much larger than normal).

It’s a surreal feeling.  I don’t quite comprehend yet that I don’t have to work from 7:45 am to 3:20 pm on a daily basis until August.  It hasn’t quite sunk in that I won’t see any kids until August.

I’m grateful for the break.  It’s time to refresh my brain, study up on things I have let go, and catch up on a LOT of TV shows.

I’m sure that soon I will miss the children and go back in to my office to continue the organization process, but for now, I’m happy to sit on my couch and watch about a bagillion things in my Netflix queue.  

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