Text 2 Sep 2 notes 'Twas the Night Before School…

All through the weekend I felt completely prepared for tomorrow: day one if school year 13-14.

Now, as I try to fall asleep, all of the things I have yet to do (and have plenty of time to get done) are bombarding my brain. Also, all of the scenarios in which something could go wrong are playing out in their worst iterations.

How do I turn my brain off so I can be well rested for my first day?

Link 18 Aug 24 notes 22 inspiring composer quotes - Discover - Classic FM»

So many classroom poster possibilities!!

Link 12 Aug Teachers, Get Inspired With This TED Talk From A Fellow Teacher Of 40 Years - The Bert Show»

I heard this on the radio today. It was exactly what I needed to hear on the way to the first day of marching band camp.

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Hey Teacher,


I’m so using this at the beginning of assessment season.

Link 10 Aug 47 notes Kids Can't Use Computers... And This Is Why It Should Worry You»


Tomorrow’s politicians, civil servants, police officers, teachers, journalists and CEOs are being created today. These people don’t know how to use computers, yet they are going to be creating laws regarding computers, enforcing laws regarding computers, educating the youth about computers, reporting in the media about computers and lobbying politicians about computers. Do you thinks this is an acceptable state of affairs?”

We’ve talked about this recently, but I do think this is a critical point. Adults older than us think all kids are tech geniuses because they can work a MacBook without directions. But in my experience, most of the kids I’ve worked with have had a very superficial understanding of computers. As soon as something goes wrong, they give up because they don’t know what to do, and then they ask someone else to fix it for them.

It drives me insane.

I think there’re a lot of interesting parts to this piece, but the two I like the most, and the two I talk about the most, are these:

  1. When it comes to teaching kids about technology, we cannot just settle for teaching them how to use it. We can’t just teach them “computer skills.” We have to teach them how technology works so they don’t grow up to be people who see tech issues as somebody else’s problem.
  2. I’ve argued this point with parents, my own included, when it comes to teaching technology: Stop fixing your kids’ tech problems. Get them to figure it out. There’s a whole slew of resources on the internet, not to mention just getting them to read the User Manual. The number of people I’ve met who will just give up when you don’t fix their tech problems for them is maddening. We have to get people used to the idea that they can fix their own tech issues. They can do it. Just let them try.

Just because your kid can use an iPhone does not mean they have the skills to be successful with technology. As noted in this article, technology’s evolution to be more user-friendly means that people have to know less and less to do more and more. This is good, in a lot of ways, but it does mean, I think, that people are less creative in the ways they use technology because there’s no incentive for people to just, in the simplest terms, figure it out.

This would be great for my summer class on mobile devices in the classroom.

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(1947) How to Handle Misbehaving Students

Good and bad methods of disciplining inappropriate classsroom behavior”

Still relevant.

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Link 25 Jul 20 notes (You need some) One, Four, Five: They really liked it last week, so I'm starting to make "Friday GIF lessons" for my year 8s a thing...»



(Except not really just Fridays. I’ve been throwing various gifs at them all week. If it’s mathematical and I’ve reblogged it on here, I’ve probably showed it to them in class.)

Anyway, here are the instructions I’ve uploaded to Blackboard for my Year 8 Maths class tomorrow.

Once again not a…

This is awesome! Reblogging so I remember to use gifs with my 8th graders. :)

Reminding myself! I had thought of doing a “meme Monday”, but perhaps I can add “gif” …. every other day?

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Photo 22 Jul 736 notes This would be a great classroom poster.

This would be a great classroom poster.

Link 19 Jul 84 notes Teaching to Transform: Teachers, before you move a single desk...»


1. You want to establish a climate of work during the first week of school.

2. First week of school should stress large group organization and student procedures.

3. Spend your time on classroom management of student procedures instead of making your classroom look like a showcase. A few bare…

Uh, overdecorating is not a problem for me.  I’m lucky if I get a single poster up during the work week.  And the first week is all procedure anyway because we have a crazy path for students to get their instruments because of our room placement.  So, yay me?

Link 19 Jul 1 note Cell Phone Survey»

I’m taking a class on integrating mobile devices in the classroom.  One of the activities is a survey of 8-18 year olds about their cell phone use.

If you know any 8-18 year olds, it would be super if they could take this quick survey!  I’m also counting on tumblr as the best site ever to disperse this survey (because I know very few 8-18 year olds that I see over the summer).

So, please help!

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