Text 16 Nov 5 notes The Cost of Standardized Tests in Music

Let’s talk about assessment in band.  We don’t have a standardized test, so instead we go to a yearly district-wide assessment.  Each group plays three songs for three judges and then sight-reads for a fourth judge.  Their scores are totaled, averaged, and a rating is given.  It is not a competition.  Groups are not ranked based on scores.

Here’s the catch: each student that participates is supposed to pay a per-student fee (which is not cheap).  This fee covers the judges’ payment and purchase of all new sight-reading music each year.  Some schools pay for their groups out of the school fund.  My groups are paid for from the band budget given by the county each year.  A few schools have to request that their students pay for it out of their own pocket.

I think it is crazy that students, schools, or band programs have to pay for an assessment. 

As one of my colleagues put it: “They don’t make the kids put in quarters to take the SOL.”

I understand what we are paying for.  I really do.  But I still don’t like it.  I wish there was a way that we could have assessment, but not make it a financial burden on the schools or students.

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  3. music-teacher-in-training said: That is crazy! Ignoring the insult of them having to pay for it, I believe that students need to gain something from performances like this… making it solely about assessment takes away all of the value from an experience like this!
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