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I need to stop reading the school district Facebook page.  

We are now on our third snow day during exam week.  People just can’t stop complaining about every facet of these missed days.  Throwing around dead students’ names as a cautionary tale.  The roads aren’t plowed because we aren’t prepared for this weather.  The school board should cancel exams like the one other count that did.  Parents are going crazy with their kids at home.  And all the other “problems” that need to be aired on Facebook.

I feel sorry for whoever in the county is in charge of that Facebook page.  

Text 22 Jan Let’s Throw Some Salt on That Wound

Our area had snow dumped on us yesterday.  We are not an area that usually gets a lot of frozen precipitation, so I went on the Facebooks to the School District site to check if they had put up any new announcements.  I got curious about what other people had written in response to all the announcements so far (because not only is this our second day without school, it is supposed to be our mid-term exam week as well).

I scrolled through and skimmed until one comment caught my eye.  Someone had posted how the school board was doing the right thing because years ago two students died on their way in to a 2-hour delay school day – she suggested Googling their names to find the story.

The two names she gave hit me like a ton of bricks that I didn’t know still existed.  These two people were my friends.  Close friends from high school.

Instantly I remembered every detail of that day: sitting in German class and hearing another friend say, “They died on their way to school this morning,” and then froze in disbelief.  A lot of people asking what was wrong that day, but being unable to tell them.  Playing my saxophone in jazz band to keep myself from crying and feeling anything.  Driving home and getting a call from another close friend who confirmed the news.  Walking into my house, looking at my mom and saying the worst thing I could have ever imagined: “My two friends died this morning.” 

And I remember when I saw our third friend – the one who was driving – come back to school weeks later.  And the day years later when she finally returned back to some sort of normal.  

I pass the tree that took their lives every day on my way to work.

The girl who wrote those two names in her comment probably never knew them or the details of what those of us who loved them went through.  She probably heard the story get passed around our schools as a cautionary tale of how the school board makes decisions. 

It took a long time, but I don’t blame the school board for what happened.  I don’t blame the third friend who was driving.  What happened sucked – there’s no getting around it.   Healing is a really long and complicated process without people using the events as social media fodder.

I may be wrong, but I don’t really care why she said their names.  I care how she said them.  They were used so carelessly – like all of the pain that we went through was just so she could have a zinger on a comment thread.

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The worst part about liking classical music is when you forget the name of a piece and you can’t google the lyrics because there are none


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Chin rest is the hot tub. Everyone in.




Chin rest is the hot tub. Everyone in.

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A nice training module to help students and teachers become “Google Drive masters.” Neat idea created by someone at Rochester Public Schools for their teachers along with videos that are hyperlinked. This is a great example of the new kind of training that many technology integration coaches are providing. Just in time (JIT) or “own your own time” (OYOT) types of courses.

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I showed this in class on Friday.  All my students LOVED it.  They asked to watch it again (several times).

Who knew middle schoolers liked yodeling?

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Orchestra Kitchenware: play with your food!


If I had the money, I would commission someone to compose an ensemble piece using all of these things.

…And it would be titled Dining Room Music.

I call the xyloplate.

holy crap, MUST HAVE!

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Carol of the Bells - Cast In Bronze 

The mask (and the creepiness) is apparently a trademark of the 4 ton Carillon bells that perform at the RenFest and travel the country.

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